Meeting in Madrid to discuss latest research output in the field of an integrated approach towards Rehabilitation of Victim and Offender Children.

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SOS Network, established during the Conference in 2014, adds another piece to its puzzle.

CSCS, within an international partnership leaded by Proves Consulting of Ankara, is contributing to the development of various training materials addressed to professionals working with victims and offenders childrens. The meeting in Madrid was held to verify the contents of the 'Handbook of Best Practices in Juvenile Rehabilitation Programs in Europe' and to establish an agreed strategy about the last steps necessary to the development.

The training materials will be end in March 2016 and implemented during a piloting phase of training of around four Months.

The partners visited some educational centre and some residence for victim childrens in Madrid having the occasion to discusse the Eurehabchildren proposed solutions with directors and professional educators.

The partners finally decided to join the SOS Network ( publishing all the project oputputs in the sos network portal:

New capacity building Cooperation Agreement between CSCS and Water Right and Energy Foundation (WREF)

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The past 30th March, the Water Right and Energy Foundation (WREF) and the Centro Studi Cultura Sviluppo (CSCS) as leader of the Consortium 'EM – Entrepreneurs' Mobility', signed an Agreement aimed at promoting both the Programme Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs and the initiatives of WREF.

WREF, active in the fields of environmental, social and civil rights protection, is committed in the promotion of initiatives to rise awareness and support for young people, cultural exchange, vocational integration, transnational cooperation and the diffusion of an entrepreneurial mind set oriented to a sustainable use of energies and water.

The two organizations commit to carry out concrete activities such as:
the cooperation for the disclosure of periodic information and awareness initiatives for entrepreneurs, aspirant entrepreneurs and companies with which the organizations interact,
the mutual support in fostering the visibility of the initiatives carried out.

Read more: New capacity building Cooperation Agreement between CSCS and Water Right and Energy Foundation...

Eurehabchildren team visited HMYOI Cookham Wood in Rochester UK

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foto meeting rochester

During the 4TH PROJECT MEETING hosted by Diagrama Foundation the next MAY 12, 2016, the Eurehabchildren team discussed the training standards for the creation of teaching materials for the operators of the juvenile detention institutions. The project is coordinated by Provest consulting Ankara.
CSCS, represented by Ana Maria Sarateanu and John Crisonà, is responsible for developing the training package produced from Eurehabchildren team.
Diagrama Foundation, who hosted the meeting, is a charity that takes care of the needs of vulnerable people experiencing social difficulties, with the defence and promotion of human rights at its heart. It focuses on the core values of being non-judgemental, providing care and empathy and accepting each child or young person as a unique individual.
On this occasion, the Eurehabchildren team also visited the HMYOI Cookham Wood prison in Rochester, one of four establishments of the Youth Justice Board (YJB) commission from the National Offender Management Service (NOMS) to provide specialist custodial places for young people aged 15 – 18.
Within NOMS, the Young People’s Estate has responsibility for the management and operational delivery of all under – 18 Young Offender Institutions (YOIs). The vision of the Young People’s Estate is: "To give young people the best chance to turn their lives around by providing them with safe, decent and secure environments that focus on education and personal development and empower them to make positive change, successfully return to the community and lead law-abiding lives."


The work done by Javier Morales is an example of methodological excellence.

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Javier Morales Lapuerta

Javier is a veteran of its profession and helped thousands of young people without families through the Children’s Residence ‘Parla’ of Madrid.
The residence comprises an educational team working on the socialization of children and adolescents and on their inclusion in groups related to leisure activities, sport, art and urban and intercity camps. Educators are also committed to design additional activities, many of them aimed at promoting creativity.
Children are attended every day of the year by an educational team composed by professionals specialized in residential care. Their work consist in taking care of young people and supporting their families in overcoming the dysfunctions that led to the measure of protection.
The work done by Javier and his team of experts is very high quality and extremely professional. Operators are increasingly facing problems with the support of the group and their work is an example of methodological and exceptional human excellence.